When I am bored of discovering and Inventing new materials, I like to cook and bake. Trying new recepies and making them to the perfection give me the same feeling as discovering new and innovative materials. 
  1. Jibran khaliq brownie ice cream
    double Chocolate Brownies Served with Vanilla Ice cream and Chocolate Sauce
  2. Jibran Khaliq Cold Chocolate
    Cold Chocolate Drink
  3. Jibran Kkhaliq Crepes
    Homemade delicious crepes served with strawberries and nutella sauce
  4. Jibran Khaliq Waffles
    Belgian Waffles
    These are delicious waffles with a bit of crunch to satisfy my sweet tooth.
  5. Jibran Khaliq Oreo Milkshake
    Oreo Milkshake
  6. Jibran Khaliq Waffles Nutella Sauce
    Waffles served with Ice cream, strawberries and Nutella Sauce
  7. Jibran Khaliq Nutella French Rolls
    Nutella French Rolls
  8. Jibran Khaliq Lava Cake
    Lava Cake Served with Ice cream and Nutella Sauce
  9. Jibran Khaliq PhD chocolate trot
    Chocolate Trot